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If you are a Midlands based student, graduate, young professional, experienced professional, career changer, entrepreneur or have a passion to improve your career prospects, personal and leadership development, then this is the network for you.

The Future Leaders Club is a Birmingham based social enterprise. It was set up to empower people across the Midlands to develop their personal journeys into leadership and improve the leadership capability in the region. It has one vision, one mission and one objective;

To develop the next generation of leaders in Birmingham and beyond, who strive to lead at all career levels, by increasing leadership awareness, experience, opportunity and technique.

We achieve this via:

1. Leaders Edge Talks – monthly workshops and events with thoughts leaders
2. Forward Thinking Leaders Programme – a 6-10 day programme for new and emerging leaders
3. AddVenture Launchpad – weekend community hackathon events to inspire social innovation in local communities
4. Local Leaders Awards – an award ceremony to honour charity and social enterprise leaders
5. #LeadersHour – a weekly Twitter Chat every Monday at 8pm with global leaders
6. Bitesize Leadership Lab – 2 hours topical leadership workshops and debates

We are launching our FUTURIZE event in Autumn 2017, bringing innovation, tech and thought leaders together, from across the country, providing you with leading-edge ideas, debate and thoughts on important matters that will impact our world in the future. There will interactive installments, networking opportunities, debates, and leading speakers, to tantalize the future leader in you.

Our Forward Thinking Leaders Programme has been co-designed by academics, researchers and practitioners at the forefront of leadership theory and practice, bringing together the latest knowledge and expertise. This 6-10 day programme, specifically developed for new and emerging leaders in the workplace, provides cutting-edge tools and know-how to effectively equip organisations with 21st century, forward thinking leaders. For more information on this programme and to join the next associates contact us at: jazz@futureleadersclub.com or call 0330 100 5272.

The AddVenture Launchpad launched in November 2016 with an AddVentureBrum weekend, where 5 teams designed 5 social innovations for the city using human-centred design thinking. The voted idea is currently being established as a live project, by a team of volunteers. This is a place for collaboration between aspiring social leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in Birmingham and beyond, who:

1. Feel their voice is heard and their ideas are utilized
2. Challenge the social familiar of the city
3. Will gain experience in collaborative project management and leadership
4. Take action to improve the social fabric of the city
5. Generate sustainable social innovations

The Local Leaders Awards take place every other year, to honour, recognise and celebrate compassionate leadership in the third sector. This aims to encourage the next generation of aspiring leaders to follow in the footsteps of these great role models, who demonstrate the value of good leadership.

We already have a network of 600 members and will strive to make this 1000 by the end of 2017.

Define your future and let the future be defined by you.

If you would like any more information on sponsorship, partnership or volunteer opportunities then please get in touch at jazz@futureleadersclub.com or call 0330 100 5272.

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