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Local Leaders Awards

The Local Leaders Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of leaders and managers from Birmingham’s Third Sector – charities, voluntary and community groups, not-for-profit organisations, and social enterprises, who improve the lives of those most in need in the city. Taking place in Birmingham this year, this event will honour leaders and managers for their compassionate and selfless service to Birmingham people and communities, making positive social impact and improving the world around us. 

Compassionate leaders and volunteers keep Birmingham’s Third Sector organisations providing for thousands across the city. Without them, many citizens of Birmingham who rely on charities would go without a vital necessity in their lives. They lead and manage with commitment, courage and care, inspiring others to participate in creating kind and fruitful communities.

Birmingham’s Third Sector, which includes charities, social enterprises, voluntary and other not-for-profit organisations, have faced multiple challenges over the past few years. Despite this, they progressively drive the local and national economy, thanks to their efforts.

We believe these leaders and managers need recognition for their achievements, outstanding contribution and service to Birmingham. By recognising the value they bring, we aim to instill pride in Birmingham’s people and communities, consequently encouraging the next generation of inspirational leaders to accomplish more positive change in the city.

Six Third Sector leaders will be presented with a Local Leaders Award 2018.

Nominations will open soon. Watch this space for more information, coming very soon.



Rising Star

New leaders with a big vision, an aspiration and a plan to make an enormous difference through their social good work. They may be starting out, but are showing clear signs of success to come. The ones to watch.

Young Leader

Aged 18 years or younger, this award recognises and celebrates exceptional young people across Birmingham, who are taking the lead in their communities and using their skills to transform lives. They inspire others to follow suit.

Innovative Leadership

These leaders demonstrate enterprise, innovation, entrepreneurial flair and show evidence of using technology to improve lives at scale through their products or services. They are forward thinking leaders at the cutting-edge.

Global Leadership

Demonstrable strong leadership and an inspirational vision with a global reach, positively impacting vulnerable communities around the world. They change lives. They are making the world a better place for those in most need.

Outstanding Contribution

They make outstanding contribution to the community, improving lives of the most vulnerable in society. These leaders demonstrate selfless community commitment and compassion for others, showing true leadership.

Lifetime Achievement

They have spent a lifetime dedicated to serving those in need and improving the lives and welfare of communities. Their energy, resilience and leadership has inspired a generation into compassionate selfless service.

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“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. They do not set out to be a leader, but become one by the equality of their actions and the integrity of their intent.” – Douglas MacArthur