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One of the most impactful leadership development strategies for building a leader’s competitive edge is coaching.

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Be guided by top coaches, as they help improve your self-awareness, clarify goals, and help achieve your development objectives, unlocking your potential.


We offer a safe place to gain perspective and improve specific skills. Coaching can significantly impact individual growth by focusing on the development of specific leadership competencies required for success.


We help you establish and act towards achieving your goals, unlocking potential and energy. Unleashing leadership potential is the single most important factor for personal and professional growth.

Learn, Grow and Unleash

In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, leadership needs to be fit-for-purpose and withstand the challenges, adapting from the current to the future for an organisation to survive and thrive. At the heart of the challenge is generating productive dialogue right across organisations that assist leaders to sense and to respond to internal and external pressures. Trusting relationships are critical in fostering and supporting such conversations.

In their Project Oxygen, Google discovered that their employees ranked coaching on top of the most important competencies they want their managers to have. Their emotional intelligence, their involvement and personal relationships with their team, rather than their technical expertise, were their most appreciated strengths.

eFIRE is an approach with an energy centre of meaning and purpose and relationships, and a mindset that anchors practice and can contribute to the future development of leadership coaching.

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