next gen leaders programme

Taking your first steps in leadership or adopting new responsibilities?

Become a Next Gen Leader!


Discover and develop your own leadership style. Recognize your strengths, build your abilities, perfect the techniques that work for you.


Understand what motivates those around you and forge them into a powerful and united team.


Deliver results. How to use what you’ve learned to turn strategy into action and ideas into game changers for you, your team and your organisation.

Next Gen Leaders Programme

Inspiring six-day training programme delivered over 3 weekends that delves into the theory and practice of great leadership using a mix of discussion, projects and practical exercises.

Every participant will come away with a clear idea of the leader they can be, and the personal strengths they can bring to that role.

Invaluable grounding in a range of leadership techniques, as well as being a primer for the familiar – and unfamiliar – challenges a new leader will face.

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Next Gen Leaders Programme

This training programme focuses on the effects of each individual’s behaviour, enhancing their communication, resilience, motivation, teamwork and all round emotional intelligence. The situations are realistic – you’ll be practicing leading others in typical organisational scenarios.

The feedback from peers will be telling and insightful, with no punches pulled. It is a programme for those who believe great leadership can transform teams, talent and organisations, and who want to raise their game.

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Leadership is a responsibility.