Collaboration to empower community transformation

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Are you looking for creative ways to engage today’s learners, your community or your workforce. Collaborative projects offer learning experiences that are authentic, purposeful and engaging.

We can offer the opportunity for both in person (on the ground) projects and online collaborations. 

The Online Collaboration Projects offered by our team of experts are learning activities that provide collaboration between two or more classrooms.  The participating classrooms are in various locations around the world and use the Internet to interact with one another.

The students enrolled in a project are all working on a similar topic for a specific length of time.  They use the Internet to share their activities, findings and reflections. In addition to student collaboration, teachers are also be provided with the necessary tools to collaborate with one another.

You will notice below that each project includes “Areas of Focus.” This focus refers to the main collaboration portion of the project. Every project includes activity, lesson and extension ideas that span the curriculum. You will also notice that technology is embedded throughout every project

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