AdVenture Launchpad - a collaboration to empower community transformation

Are you looking for an exciting way to deliver your innovative social good idea or collaborate on a project you’re working on?

Welcome to the AdVenture Launchpad, a collaborative space enabling social innovation and collective impact at scale.


Despite the recent growth and interest in the social enterprise there are several factors holding it back from reaching its full potential as a catalyst for widespread change. One major hurdle is the lack of opportunity to take a social change idea; test and develop it into a viable venture, and then to finally bring the idea to fruition. We recognise this lack of capacity building opportunities.

Our AdVenture Launchpad is a platform for people aspiring to make positive social impact to improve the lives of others. Through Human-centred Design Thinking weekend events, groups of people get together to explore social good ideas and build prototype solutions. 

Human-centred design is about understanding people on their own terms. It is a practice with a philosophy of putting people first and involving them in every step of the design process. As such, it will result in a more meaningful and valuable outcome for service users and carers.


Design Thinking is a repeatable, human-centred method for creative problem solving and innovation. This holistic approach to design takes inspiration from people, works within constraints, and considers every aspect as opportunities. The AdVenture Launchpad unleashes the creative and innovative streak in people. 

Vision and Mission

The vision for the AdVenture Weekend is to provide an energising social enterprise ecosystem which enables social change to thrive, resulting in widespread and transformative social outcomes. Through the AdVenture Launchpad, our mission is to provide a platform for local people to convert their passion and ideas for social good into real social impact at scale, across the globe, using collaborative Design Thinking.

Sponsor Us / Join Our Team

This is a grand opportunity to promote your company to thousands of people. AdVenture Weekends are a not for profit project organised by a small team of volunteers. We need your help to cover the costs.

Your sponsorship will help us buy event materials, pay for venue hire and provide food for the AdVenturers taking part during the weekend.

Why not join our small team of volunteers to help organise this event? You’ll be part of a dynamic team, improve your event and project management skills and make new friends.

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